How Yuri Gagarin Amazed an Old Lady and Her Granddaughter?

As you already know, on April 12, 55 years ago Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space. People around the world are celebrating the event in various ways. I found a story that less people know and I’m happy to share with you today.

The first people who’ve met Yuri Gagarin after he has landed back on Earth

It happened in the Smelovka village where a young 5 years old girl and her grandmother were planting potatoes.

The girl saw to red objects in the sky and quickly told her grandmother about them. Unfortunately the old lady was involved with the process of planting the potatoes and didn’t pay enough attention on why the girl was so excited.

A bit later, the girl called Rumia saw a big amount of ropes and two orange object rising on the horizon and approaching them.

The old lady got scared and started praying. Both with Rumia decided to go back home when Yuri stopped them shouting: ‘Mother, wait, I’m a Russian.’

Then the grandmother helped him to take off his orange space helmet and Rumia saw that Yuri is smiling.

The old lady asked him: ‘Where are you from, who are you?’

At this time people at this small village didn’t know anything about the Russian Federation space plan. They didn’t had electricity and home and couldn’t know anything. And no one told them anything.

Yuri sad that he came with the ship.

Rumia explains that at this moment the old lady was very surprised and asked where’s that ship, because she don’t know about any water around.

Then the astronaut replied that he’s from space.

Rumia had to get back to defend the potatoes because one of the caws around started eating them. She was so afraid that she started crying when her grandmother went to see the spaceship.

So believe it or not, this happened 55 years ago.

At that time, the space era has just begun. 55 years later we are behind some significant achievements and yet, I ask myself why should the people living the plain life let’s say at the country side should bother about next SpaceX flight or else.

Believe it or not: there are people on this Earth caring about exploring a space much more related to their own lives and future. They are looking for ways to hold the right direction to their own hearts and the trip is often times as much tough and full of challenges as the challenge to make a successful journey to outer space, exactly like the one Yuri Gagarin made 55 years ago.

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