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Sara Slijepcevic: From Banja Luka to The Island of Mastiha

Sara Slijepcevic is a 22 years old girl from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She came in Chios Island, Greece at the beginning of August to enjoy her internship in an NGO organization.

AIESEC Intern Sara Slijepcevic

She arrived as an intern and member of the world’s biggest student organization – AIESEC. At the end of September she flew back to her city Banja Luka in Bosnia, but before catching the ferry to Athens she agreed to answer a couple of questions about her live in Chios and the experience she had with her internship.

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Hello Sara! Since the time you arrived in Chios, have you experienced any cultural shocks related with the local reality?

No, I did not experience any cultural shock probably because my culture (Serbian/Bosnian) is very similar to Greek culture. People and mentality are also very close. Of course, there are some differences, but that was the interesting part – meeting other culture or at least parts you did not know.

What was your last culture shock actually?

I cannot call it a real cultural shock but maybe my experience from Egypt is close to it. Few years ago I went there with my friend (male) and because it was cheaper that way we decided to share a room which was not that normal for them so we told that we are engaged. Also, it was almost impossible to see Egyptian women in the streets or working anywhere. So that was a bit strange for me, but not the real cultural shock.

Could you share more details about your internship?

I was working in a gallery in Chios called Calliope Art Space and also as a journalist doing interview with Greek artist who has been born in Chios or who are currently living on the island. My work is still not done because until my staying here I want to make a data base of all art school and artistic associations in Serbia and BiH with my boss.

A picture of an article about Calliope Art Space
Exibition opening, Calliope Art Space

Can you share something interesting about Bosnia and the live in Banja Luka?

What is interesting for me is mentality – common thing for hot-blooded people who live along the shores of the Mediterranean to be very relaxed and easy going is also not rare for Bosnia. Even though people complain about crises and not having job and money, they are still able to sit for hours having their first morning coffee and just continue the day in the same relaxed mood.

I am not sure I can be objective when talking about Banja Luka, because considering all the bad things and lack of opportunities for young people; I am still in love with my home town! It is a beautiful place with 300.000 inhabitants, full of tree-lined avenues and parks which you have to see in late spring or early summer to understand what I am talking about.

How about your life: are you currently studying, do you have any specific interests?

I am student of Political Sciences Faculty in Banja Luka, department of Journalism and Communications. Think that I am total opposite of a real journalist – I am not curious and nosey at all. Also, I do not talk too much. What I prefer is to listen to others talk. So, I do not know – listening is good for what I will do in life but I have to add also that noisy part to my personality somehow. 🙂

Time for questions

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