RADIO COOL: The Voice of Entrepreneurs

I’d like to pay attention to this short interview with a young entrepreneur from Kyrgyzstan. She has created a simple online asset with huge potential. Enjoy reading!

1. What’s your name? Tursunai Brimkulova

2. Where are you from? Kyrgyzstan


If you don’t know anything about Kyrgyzstan, you could learn more here.

3. Why led you to Bulgaria? Actually I didn’t think that I would come to Bulgaria. I was thinking more about other counties. But after the interview I start thinking only about Bulgaria. I liked people here very much.

Note: Tursunai is an AIESEC intern.

4. What is Radio Cool? Radio Cool is a page on Facebook, which I work on. Before I’ve never had such kind of experience, like developing the web page. so being an administrator of this page is an absolutely new experience for me, which enable me to learn lots of new things. This page’s function is to give young people space, where they can talk about important issues, interesting findings and share any kind of experience.

Radio Cool

5. Which specific things did you notice in Bulgaria? When I arrived here I got really confused in gestures. Because Bulagria is one of the few countries, which has opposite gestures for saying “yes” and “no”. when they wnat to say “no”, they nod, and when they mean “yes”, they shake their heads.

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