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Let People Cover The World With Heirloom Seeds

They will plant, collect and distribute as many traditional seeds as humanly possible!

The above statement stands as a heading of Ecoruralis Indiegogo successful campaign. This NGO is going to plant heirloom seeds and preserve and grow vegetables, fruits and any kind of plants which humanity has been cultivating with thousands of years.

Here's team of Ecoruralis
Here’s the whole team of Ecoruralis

I’m happy to share their cause and keep enjoying red tomatoes, green pepper and onions in my Shopska salad for years and years ahead. This summer I went to Greece, where I was helping as a volunteer in the biggest seed bank on the Balkans Peliti. There I met Derek, who has later joined Ecoruralis. Derek sent me info about their plans to start growing a traditional heirloom seed garden. Keep reading, after watching the short video, because I’d like to expand the subject and get into more details here.

There’s a great battle happening today: Three competitors fight for humans need to eat vegetables and fruits.

Heirloom vs Hybrid vs GMOs

I’m trying to receive a permission for displaying a nice infographic. Meanwhile you could check it originally here. More and more people in the world start growing their own vegetables and fruits and thus producing a major part of their food needs straight from their garden. Most of them are fans of heirloom seeds and use them as real weapons against poverty to secure their existence in a beautiful and healthy way.

Recommended Way To Make Your Heirloom Seed Garden

With no meaning of where are you from, if you own or hire a piece of land which could be used for growing plants, you are in a great position to take control on your future with your heirloom seed garden.

There are actually a couple of ways to get access to the resources you need to start it.

Getting seed from a seed bank is one of the common approaches, but it’s also recommended to get in touch with a friend or a neighbor who has already started growing his own food some years ago.

Last summer, in the middle of July 2013, I went to Greece and visited Peliti – the biggest seed bank on the Balkans. I had the chance to see how people grow variety of vegetables and fruits and preserve with the goal to help many other people start growing their own small gardens.

Read an interview with the founder of Peliti

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