Interview with LinkedIn Expert Ivan Dikov

Τhis time I decided to interview someone who likes public speaking, trains people and teaches them how to present themselves better in the professional social networks.

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Image of Ivan Dikov I would like to present you Ivan Dikov.

Hello Ivan, could you briefly present yourself to the audience? What have you studied, what are your interests and everything you consider as important?

Ivan: I am an innovative trainer, certified in non-formal education, with 5 years of experience in delivering training mainly focused on soft skills. Mastering Organizational Psychology and having new wave approach towards the training legacy, my dream is to modernize the education field combining pedagogy with andragogy methods. I have delivered different training in front of 3000+ people. Being almost exclusive LinkedIn consultant on the Bulgarian market I have already trained 200+ people on how to optimize their profiles.

200+ people trained on how to optimize their profiles

From the education field and the different institutions I’ve graduated from I could say that I’m a mathematician, economist and psychologist. Nevertheless by heart I’m a trainer.

I perceive as important my experience in the NGO sector – I have more than 7 years of experience there. Besides that I have worked for different companies – the most interesting one was when I was a trainer for an international HR consultancy company. Also I have 2 start-ups behind my back and currently working on my next idea – EnterTraining, which is online show that combines the Entertainment with the Training element. Currently the project is only in Bulgarian and we are planning to make an English version as well in 2014.


What was the thing that has ignited your interest in training?

Ivan: From a 15 years old boy I was heavily interested in doing presentations. I was doing that in every possible context – when I have to deliver homework, when I have to “sell” the idea to the school principal that we need a Student Counsil, when I was persuading my friends which place for tonight we should choose.

I was aware on some level with the general concept of leadership a lot of years before I learned this in academic environment – first in the Economy bachelors, after that in the Psychology Masters.

A picture of LinkedIn Expert Ivan Dikov

Ivan’s training sessions

I knew that the role of the public speaker is only one of the many roles of the leader. Yet this was the one that suited me the most, as people have told me. Also I loved it the most.

When I was in the Economy university I was introduced to professional training for the first time in my life. I had the chance to participate to a seminar held in Sofia from the father of marketing, Philip Kotler himself. When I joined AIESEC I had the opportunity to try out for a trainer. And I was accepted. Passed several levels of training preparation that cultivates the worldwide knowledge of the organization. And now several years later I have certified as a trainer in non-formal education and have vast experience both in business training and in youth training.

I also have experience in mentoring, coaching and consultancy in general.

Awesome! You have started since you were a teenager! : ) Do you remember who was your model when you discovered your interest in doing presentations and who were the people that inspired you to continue in training and public speaking?

Ivan: Of course I remember it vividly as if it was yesterday. 6 years ago the first trainer I met in AIESEC was Galya Gogova. She was actively involved as a trainer, despite the fact that her both academic and professional background is in Marketing. I was amazed by this positive and practical training delivery that has nothing to do with almost everything that I have seen from teachers till that moment.

Later on when I developed myself as trainer of course I had the cliche role-models as Tony Robbins, Nancy Duarte, Sir Ken Robinson, Steve Jobs and so on.

But you know what – I never stopped following role-models that the world has not heard of yet – simple people around me. On of them is Alexandru Glod – a young rising training star and book author from Romania, that I had the pleasure to work with. What I’m fascinated about his working style is the passion and thoughtfulness that he puts in creating his training. And in a result the people participating get an unique experience.

I never stopped following role-models that the world has not heard of yet

So role-models could be everywhere – starting from the covers of the international magazines, to your co-workers, friends, and loved ones and even yourself, why not being role-model yourself.

Ivan Dikov flying

Get an eye bird view in the quest for discovering role models

Let’s get back to the beginning. I remember you mentioned that you have helped more than 200 people to optimize their Linkedin profile. Is that the only service you provide for Linkedin?

Ivan: Four years ago I participated in a LinkedIn training in Bulgaria held from one of the leading social marketing agencies in the country.

The main point that I’ve taken from it was – create a LinkedIn profile and put your contacts there. And I don’t regret doing so. In further years I was more and more interested in optimizing my personal profile and I’ve communicated on the topic with specialist around the world and passed more training. As a result I was headhunted for a international HR consultancy company, based on my LinkedIn profile.

Being trainer myself I thought I should develop a training program based on my success in this social network, so I could help others. For a second year I’m consulting people on how to optimize using the platform in order to gain real business benefits. And yes – they are more than 200 people, both private consultation and business entities in Bulgaria and internationally.

Ivan Dikov is giving a training

Standing out with optimized social profiles could mean a lot for the right people

So, you are a professional trainer and Linkedin expert. What’s actually the best way someone interested in training or Linkedin consultation to get in contact with you?

Ivan: Of course through my Linkedin profile.

Great Ivan, thank you for this interview! I wish you huge success with your projects and especially as Linkedin expert and a trainer.

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