Interview with Joseph Anderson, founder of AECNU WPMU Hosting

A picture of Joseph Anderson I decided to interview Joseph Anderson – a serial entrepreneur and owner of AECNU WPMU Hosting – a company devoted in offering an affordable and effective WordPress Multisite Hosting Solutions.

Check it out! – Joe was so kind to reveal a lot of tips based on his experience from the last two decades.

He is actually the most experienced internet entrepreneur I’ve ever met or heard of – he started in the very beginning of Internet – early 90s.


Here’s a short list of questions and topics discussed in the interview:

1.04″- 1.33″
Short introduction and presenting Joe’s current business.

1.34″- 5.33″
Joe answers my questions of how has he started his entrepreneurship career and what kind of business he has developed during the last 25 years.

5.40″- 9.28″
Details around personal life and how the invent of the internet has changed the way he lives.

9.28″- 15.30″
Joe shares his best advice of what’s the ultimate kind of income any entrepreneur should be aiming at.

15.30″- 16.50″
What’s the key challenge to any entrepreneur?

16.55″- 24.55″
Basic rules of picking your field and what specific conditions could help you or stop you from being successful.

24.55″- 34.00″
Here I’m asking Joe about his current business and how it contributes in improving the local and internet landscape.

34.05″- 43.35″
I’m asking Joe if he has plans for developing his business on the Bulgarian market. Learn the opinion of an American living in Bulgaria – extremely valuable and interesting.

WordPress Multisite Hosting



A banner: WPMU Hosting by AECNU

43.40″ – till the end
I’m again asking Joe to share more details about his company and his hosting solution WPMU Hosting. Learn more details about his hosting company and the options for shared, vps hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers WPMU Hosting offers.

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1 comment on “Interview with Joseph Anderson, founder of AECNU WPMU Hosting

  1. This is a great interview! I host with AECNU and I can't speak highly enough of Joe's service. He has been patient, explained things and gone WAY out of his way to assist me. After a decade on the net, I can tell you – this is the host you want!

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