3 Simple Ways to Get Many Things Done as a Marketer

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I’m sure you’ll agree that as an internet marketer you have many tasks to complete in your daily job. Hopefully there are spaces for improvements that will allow you to complete more of your tasks, and with greater efficiency.

Let me first introduce you to 3 ways to get many things done, and in 3 simple sentences:

1). The secret to getting a lot of work done isn’t related to spending a lot of energy and extreme obsession or not taking a break for 5+ hours.

2). Plan everything ahead – you’ll know what your next tasks are without spending energy to think when you need it.

3). Focus on creating routines – daily routines of the tasks you need to complete on a regular basis.

Now, let’s dig to in the smaller details:

1). The Secret: Do Not Go Insane

Productivity is a marathon, not a sprint. Long sessions without breaks come at a high cost.

Even if you are able to work insanely fast and focus for 5 hours at a time, you are putting yourself at risk of getting out of shape quickly.

Take breaks often – attach a small break to each major task you have for today

Have proper diet, exercise and sleep – everyone knows this, but if everyone was disciplined enough to follow this simple advice, no productivity companies would exist at all.

2). Plan EVERYTHING ahead

Most of the marketing guys I know plan the tasks they need to complete ahead of time. Most of them are doing this the day and the night before. If you do it early in the morning the chance of missing something is higher.

Let’s assume you are about to set up your daily list of marketing tasks for the first time. You’ll most likelycreate a quick list of tasks ready to be completed.

It sounds simple, but if you use Swipes as your task manager, you’ll go beyond what most people do – you’ll be able to start building healthy routines.

 3). Focus on creating routines

Invest your time in creating powerful routines. This will allow you know what to do next at any given time. You won’t feel lost at any point of your day and you’ll be able to complete much more.

A recommended way to create powerful routines is using the simple functionality of Swipes. It’s a simplified and intuitive to-do list app to collect, organize and complete all of your daily tasks.

Swipes can help you create routines when you start using the repeating task functionality. Simply add a new task. Pick one that you need to do every day and set it as a repeating task. Once completed it should appear the next day without the need of adding it again.

Here’s what a list of tasks looks like:

Creating Marketer's routines image


Did you notice the sign under the last 2 tasks?

They are repeating tasks. Click or tap on a new task and go to “Never repeat”. From there you can set it as repeating.

This is how you create your powerful daily routines in Swipes

If you already use another task manager or a to-do list app, look for the option of repeating task to create this system.

What’s your way to get things done as a marketer? I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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