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Often But Not Always The Greatest Stories Remain Uncovered

I believe the statement above is truth and here my goal is just to encourage people to share their favorite story or life experience.


I love reading interesting stories! They are always inspiring and you can learn a lot just by learning how other people overcame difficulties they had. People are so different and inside every person there are huge amounts of love, hope, fear and joy interfering and creating unique life paths.

So, if you have experienced something you would like to share, please get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to review it and share it to our community.

What’s the chance to publish my story?

Here’s a short list of experiences I’m interested right now:

– Something related with sport – if you have been struggling to achieve success in a competition and you won, or you achieved your goal.

– Something related with entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship – if you had an idea and found a way to realize it, if it’s helping serving and helping other people.

– Journeys – if you like travelling and discovering new places. It’s always interesting to hear how someone get lost in the jungle and found a solution how to escape.

– Cultural shocks – if you have been abroad and you have met any kind of cultural differences you had to deal and at the end you enjoyed everything : ), it’s also a good fit and I’ll be happy to publish the story.

– Others – something related with relationships, important decisions and strong will – it’s always inspiring and educational to learn something that other people have already overcame and moved forward.

I have a story to suggest. Where to submit it?

I prefer if you could email me at mitko (at) mitcoivanov (dot) com,

but you can also use the form below:

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