Author: mitcoiv

Уроци за шампиони

Хората пристрастени към високите скорости имат склонността да сравняват живота със състезание. Всяка грешка намаля шанса за добро класиране, но има следваща обиколка, в която нещата могат да бъдат поправени. За отпадналите – има и следващо състезание, има и следващ опит. Много победи идват на цената на много допуснати грешки и след безброй разочарования. Парадоксално…

Elena Gogou Talking About Peliti Festival 2014

My first trip to Peliti was in July 2013. That’s how I learned about the Peliti festival. My next goal was to visit the next edition. I met great people and had 2 amazing days at the end of April. One of these bright personalities was Elena Gogou – coordinator for the event for Athens….

Lyubomira Novachkova: pCloud’s marketing specialist

If you are in the start up world, you may already have heard that successful projects are the ones that start with people’s and businesses’ problems and needs. In the same time, young teams trigger their pro-activity around ideas. That’s where pivot appears and those who leave their plan ‘A’ to create something that works…