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How to Launch a Your Own Business in 3 Days or Less


Book you Skype Meeting Now and Make Your Escape Plan Funnier : )

In an individual 1h Skype training session I’m going to give you the ingredients of a successful business.

Dear friend,

Do you have a knowledge based on experience in any field like avoiding foreclosure, real estate investing, buying or selling vehicles, managing a baseball team or managing a Facebook company page successfully?

Do you know that you could have a side or a full time income by helping people achieve their goals?

I have set up a 1h Skype meetings to help people write a one page plan to start their consultancy business.


What type of knowledge to offer to your audience?

How to find a group of people interested and ready to buy what you offer?

How to set up an payment method and allow people to pay you? (using Paypal)?

How to develop a product or service using your customer’s feedback?

Sounds simple? Yes – it is! Sounds easy to execute? – I’ll do my best to make it easy!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I charge for it? – $5

Why so cheap?

– I want to receive feedback and testimonials and create a professional service to support your road to freedom in a better way – you’ll have to fill a simple questionnaire.

Are there any external costs?

– No. In case you don’t have a website, we’ll use a free blog like WordPress

Where’s the value in that short course?

– You’ll learn how to train your brain and eventually start practicing and create better and better products and services.

– You’ll meet a friend : )

Time availability for the Skype meetings:

Monday to Friday: between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST.

Purchase a consultation: 

(If you don’t see a win-win situation, don’t like me, my voice, sound quality or anything else, you are free to request a non questionable refund)

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